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NAME: Corbin Blair
AGE: 16
GENDER: male

APPEARANCE: One of the first things most people notice about Corbin is his hair. It’s bright red and curly, defying any and all attempts to tame it. He keeps it cut just long enough to pull back into a ponytail. After his hair his eyes tend to get a lot of attention. They’re bright blue, and they crinkle at the corners when he smiles. He smiles a lot. His skin is pale, and as a result he has freckles all over his cheeks, nose, shoulders and arms. He’s about 5’8” and 140 lbs, and is actually in very good shape due both to all the flying he does as a bird and the fact that he’s rather active, though it’s all lean muscle. When he’s not moving he has horrible posture, either slouching or lounging depending on the sort of room he has, though oddly enough he tends to hunch when he’s reading or at the computer.

PERSONALITY: Corbin comes from a family of loud and friendly shapeshifters, and as a result he tends to be rather friendly himself. He’s used to talking over other people when he needs to, and will quite happily argue for quite some time before getting angry with anyone at all. He likes to tease and poke fun, snarking back and forth with his chosen target to try and ruffle feathers. But he means it all in good fun, and if his target gets angry he’ll usually dismiss it as the other person needing to get a sense of humor. However, if he were to actually hurt someone’s feelings he would immediately apologize and try to make it up to them some way.

Like most of the people in his family, Corbin enjoys collecting just about anything that catches his fancy. Usually something that sparkles or shines or just that he finds interesting. He doesn’t like to throw these items out and will usually hang or display them around his room in some way. He also has a bit of an obsession with acquiring said pretties, and this results in a mild kleptomania. Once he sees an item that he wants he will go to great lengths to acquire it. This has resulted in everything from picking pockets to breaking into a house, though that’s only happened once or twice. He won’t mug someone in an effort to get the item he wants though. Sometimes if he likes a certain person he’ll lift a small item that they have on them, like a necklace or wallet, only to wait for them to realize that he has it and demand it back. It’s all a game to him, and he likes it when the person in question plays back.

As mentioned before Corbin can be very friendly. For those who can tolerate the gregarious redhead he can be a good friend, though they can sometimes expect things to go missing and for the occasional prank to happen. He takes getting pranked back with the same good humor that he does his own pranking, and those sort of tactics very rarely get him angry.

What will get him angry is people attacking his family or those he deems close friends. His family is large and closeknit and very much the sort that will defend each other as far as need be. When it comes to defending those he cares about his temper is short and explosive.His family taught him not to judge someone for any reason, mutant or non-mutant. For this reason he tends to be accepting of just about anyone so long as they can tolerate his jokes and pranks and aren’t trying to harm anyone he cares about.

Corbin likes to eat, but he’s really not too picky about what he eats. Ramen, steak, veggies, stale potato chips, it doesn’t matter. So long as it’s food he’ll eat it, and with his cast iron stomach it means he hardly ever gets sick from whatever he inhales. He does love it when people cook for him, though no one should take the fact that he’ll eat it as a sign that the food is good. He just can’t cook for himself, so he likes it whe other people do it for him. No seriously, he can’t cook. He burned water once and has almost set the kitchen on fire trying to make toast. Don’t ask about the Easy Mac Incident.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Shapeshifting: Corbin can shapeshift into any animal he has studied sufficiently, currently he’s best at birds, and his preferred birds are in the corvid family. His entire family sort of specializes in it, and they learn how to shift as soon as the X-gene expresses itself. As a side note, only skin tight clothing stays with him when he changes.

Quick-witted: Corbin is a problem solver. Even if he lacks book knowledge of something, he can usually use what he does know to figure something out. It might be unorthodox, barely work, defy any sort of logic and only hold together for as long as he needs it to, but it will probably work.

Agile: Not supernaturally so, but the boy is good at dodging, and quick on his feet. He knows how to fall to keep from hurting himself from numerous childhood scrapes and adventures.

Pickpocketing and Lockpicking: Corbin learned this skill from his uncle Guntram, who was himself a professional thief and he taught Corbin everything he knew about getting into houses and getting people’s wallets.

AU HISTORY: Corbin Blair was born to Beltram and Merla Blair, the middle child of six. His siblings are Ingram (22,) the twins Bran and Brannwen (18,) Merletta (12,) and Lonan (5.) His paternal grandmother Ravenna also lives with them and by his fifth birthday his uncle Guntram had come to live in the family’s home in the West Virginia mountains. There’s also the trees full of crows and ravens in the backyard, but they’re more tenants than family. A full half of Corbin’s family are mutants, including both his parents and his grandmother, with shapeshifting being the most likely ability. Shapeshifting and mutant abilities have always been a part of Corbin’s life, as natural to him as walking and breathing. The children in the family learn as much about crow and bird biology as they do human, allowing them to change and mimic the animal almost perfectly.

Corbin had a good childhood by almost any standard, he lived with his family, went to school in town, made friends, played in the woods, all the things a normal boy would do. But in his spare time he learned everything there was to know about birds, crows and ravens in particular and like most of his family he grew to love the darkly intelligent birds, and one young bird in particular took a liking to him, oftentimes sleeping in his window instead of in the trees with the rest of them. In the spirit of five year old boys everywhere, the crow was named Blackie.

Corbin first showed mutant abilities at the age of twelve when he fell out of one of the top branches of a massive oak tree in the backyard. In a flurry of feathers and clothes he turned into a crow, taking to the new form almost immediately and flying ecstatically around the house to find his parents and show them that he could change just like they could. Being mutants wasn’t something the Blair family advertised, not living in such a small town, but it had been an open secret for many years, ever since Corbin’s grandmother moved into the house. The same year Corbin’s mutatnt abilities manifested his aunt Morrigan came home with her children Michael and Katherine, running from an abusive husband who was determined to get their children away from his wife who he had found out was a mutatnt. As with many other problems, the family took care of it. When Morrigan’s husband showed up at their house, demanding to see his wife he was dealt with. Permanently. No one ever saw the man again and Morrigan and her children have lived with the family since then.

When Corbin was 13 and his youngest sister Lonan was only 2, they were home alone together when they were attacked by a group of anti-mutants activists. Corbin turned into a dog and tried to fight them off, but he was knocked out and they kidnapped Lonan to “save her” from his parent’s unnatural influence. He came to before his family came home and, without thinking, gave chase. He had just enough sense to leave a note telling his family what was going on and then he gave chase. He had managed to find the group again by the time his family found him, and the group was dealt with. Unfortunately this time the problem was much more public, and as a result Corbin had to move from his family’s home in Virginia to the Xavier Institute. He started his freshman year of highschool there and has gone to school there ever since. The situtation back home has cooled off in the meanwhile, so he can go home for vacations, but he found that he really did like going to school there, so every fall he comes back.