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Player name: Ferus
Contact: Aim: FerusDomina Discord: FerusDomina#4630
Characters currently in-game: none

Character Name: Corbin Blair
Character Age: 16
Canon: OC
Canon Point: He’s been shot by “monster” hunters, his little sister and cousin kidnapped. Late October, 1992
World Description: Corbin’s world is very similar to our own, with one very notable exception: monsters, dragons, fae, Bigfoot, Nessie, Wendigo, Fae, Bogeymen, Mothmen, Goblins and more are all very real, though most of them are in some form of hiding or another. They don’t have the numbers to ward off humans if their presence was known, or any real cohesion to form an actual society. Each species has its own way of doing things, but they also look out for each other as they can, especially the ones that can pass as human will usually offer at least temporary shelter for their monstrous looking but mostly harmless ‘brethren’. There have through history been “monster hunters” of course, most of whom believe that these monsters are aberrations at best, dangerous at worst.
History: Corbin Blair was born to Beltram and Merla Blair, the middle child of six. His siblings are Ingram (22,) the twins Bran and Brannwen (18,) Merletta (12,) and Lonan (5.) His paternal grandmother Ravenna also lives with them and by his fifth birthday his uncle Guntram had come to live in the family’s home in the West Virginia mountains, though his uncle comes and goes. Corbin's family are werecrows, and all of them learned to shapeshift at around puberty. Like many of the “monsters” in the world, they live in secret, and like most weres they prefer somewhere they can be close to nature. Cities aren't very kind to animals, and they like to keep to themselves. There are those who hunt werecreatures, and monsters, thinking them a danger to humans. Since weres are so often vastly outnumbered, and a large group of humans can kill the more powerful werecreatures, they tend to hide among others like them or the few groups of humans who accept them. Most of the people in Elkins know and like the Blairs, and as a result there is a large family of werecrows living a few miles outside the town in the West Virginia mountains.
Corbin had a good childhood by almost any standard: he lived with his family, went to school in town, made friends, played in the woods, all the things a normal boy would do. He learned about the history of werecrows and gained an appreciation not only of corvids, but of the natural world. Thanks to his grandmother he has a large store of Appalachian folk knowledge mixed in with a dash of her family’s personal brand of Catholicism. He learned how to camp and survive in the woods and became friends with a crow that lived in his family's tree, which he named Blackie.
When he was twelve years old, Corbin fell out of the oak tree in his backyard, changing for the first time on the way down in a flurry of feathers. Later on that same year Morrigan showed up with her two children (Katherine, now 6 and Michael, now 10) in tow, fleeing an abusive husband who had no idea his wife was a werecrow, or that his children might be as well. As with many other problems, the family took care of it. When Morrigan’s husband showed up at their house, demanding to see his wife, he was dealt with. Permanently. No one ever saw the man again and Morrigan and her children have lived with the family since then.
When he was sixteen he had been left in charge of Katherine and Lonan, as both girls had chicken pox. A group of monster hunters had found out about the family and come to kill them, but finding everyone else gone they tried to kidnap the girls to use as bait. Corbin tried to fight back, shooting several of them with his dad’s rifle, but was shot in turn and most of the hunters got away.
Personality: Corbin comes from a loud and friendly family of werecrows. As such, he’s quite loud and friendly himself, always happy to help someone out if they need it. He’s more than willing to be friends with just about anyone, and is fiercely defensive of anyone he’s close to, friends and family both. He’s used to talking over people when he needs to, thanks to his family, and doesn’t mind a good argument at all. He likes to tease and play pranks, poking fun at other people, but it’s all in good fun. He also doesn’t mind being the target of a prank, he’s good at spotting them, but if you get him then that’s just as funny for him.

Other than the species-wide kleptomania detailed below, Corbin just has a bit of an urge to steal things. He likes to pick pockets and lift small objects. His uncle taught him how and while he doesn’t have much of a chance to practice, he’s actually pretty good at it. He likes to hang the things he steals around his room or bed. Besides religious necklaces he has a preference for anything shiny that will catch the light. Prisms, beads, anything sequined covered: if it sparkles it’s good.

He’s remarkably loyal to and defensive of the people he cares about, family first, and then friends. He’ll be the first one to offer a couch or food to a friend, to help out with no thought about repayment. He’s the sort of person that would always stop to help someone in trouble. But when a friend or family member is threatened, his loyalty manifests as a nasty temper and a vengeful streak a mile wide. Any of the Blair family would do just about anything if it meant keeping someone they cared about safe, or exacting revenge if necessary, and he's no different.

Living in the literal middle of nowhere, and isolated besides, he's never had much of a chance to experience all the real variety of humanity. He's seen more Bigfoot than he has black people, and while he's heard of LGBT people, they're even rarer. This isn't to say he's mean about it, he's just going to ask questions that are going to come across as ignorant and a bit insensitive. That having been said, he’s a genuinely nice person underneath it all.


He learned his morals from his granny, a not terribly devout Catholic and witch. Overall he's a good person, he believes in helping others, in not doing "bad" things, and protecting people that need it. He also believes in an eye for an eye, and that if karma is taking a bit long to come around, that it's alright to give it a nudge. He tends to go with his gut about what the right thing to do is in any given situation, though when that goes wrong, he's not above asking forgiveness.

He's the act first, ask questions later sort, and while he's smart enough to theoretically plan, he only rarely has the patience for it. Someone else is generally better off doing that for him. He's not terribly stubborn about things that don't fall under his compulsions, and in almost anything else tends to be easy-going. He'd much rather just spend a night hanging out on a roof somewhere with friends, and while he finds the city fascinating and tons of fun, a part of him would always miss the open spaces. He tries not to regret things, but not being able to save or even help someone he cares about would weigh heavily on him. You only get to live once, but so do they, and they deserve as much of a life as he does. He would never regret hurting someone to save the life of another, and while there would be some regret over killing someone in defense, at the same time if he knew that he had save another person, he would eventually count it as acceptable.

Inventory: -1 WW2 era M1 Garand (.30 caliber) that belonged to his father, loaded with 3 bullets
-1 full clip (8 rounds)
-1 empty clip
-Silver St. Christopher's medal
-Wallet with $5 and family pictures

Abilities: -Werecrow: Corbin can shift from a crow to human and back again, irrelevant to the moon or any other circumstances. He generally needs to concentrate, and it takes about ten to fifteen seconds to change. None of his clothes or any items that he is carrying change with him except skin tight clothing. He also has an inbetween form that resembles the Japanese Tengu - so like a big, bipedal crow. In this form, he can glide at a 1:3 ratio (so three feet of forward motion for every foot of height lost) and can attack with his feet, which have long talons. He can hold things in his wings in this form, and can still speak, though it sounds much more hoarse and cawing than his normal voice.

-Flight: Only in crow form, speed of about 30 mph or up to 45 in short bursts. Can only glide in were form.

-Crow speech: Can communicate with corvids (crows, ravens, magpies, jays) in crow form, can understand them in human form.

-Vulnerable to gold: Similar to the werewolf silver vulnerability. Supposedly because corvids are diurnal, but no one is really sure why gold weapons hurt them more and gold jewelry gives them hives.

-Kleptomania: A species trait, every werecrow has a certain object that, when they are exposed to it, they feel compelled to steal. This can be a general thing like prisms or red rocks, or something extremely specific like paintings by an obscure 19th century Italian artist. The kleptomania actually manifests before the ability to change by several months, and is a reasonably solid indicator of a new werecrow. Corbin’s trigger item is religious necklaces. Crosses, rosaries, prayer beads, Saint medals, pentacles- he will at least try to steal any that he comes in contact with, and it takes an act of will for him not to steal them.


-Shooting: Mostly hunting animals, the attack was the first time he shot a person. Excellent shot with a rifle and slingshot. Knows how to maintain a rifle and, given the supplies, can reload bullets.

-Survival skills: Knows how to erect a shelter, start a fire, find water, find edible plants, hunt, skin and gut a small animal by himself, and something as large as a deer with help.

-Basic home repair: Helped his father repair and expand their huge old log house, which was built in the late 1800s in the first place and has since been expanded on by the family. Knows how to fix most of the mechanical things that can go wrong around a house given supplies.

-Appalachian witch knowledge: Corbin’s granny is both a werecrow and a witch, and the reason why the nearby town tolerates a family of werecrows nearby. The old folks know that Granny Blair is always good for curses and getting ghosts to leave you alone and making sure the baby comes out healthy. Corbin isn’t a witch himself, but he learned what his granny would teach him, and as such knows any number of charms and superstitions native to the Appalachian region, like hanging basil in the windows to keep out ghosts, or burying lead at the corners of your house to keep it safe in bad weather. Whether those will work in Hadriel or not, he believes in them. Granny has always been right before.

Flaws: As a werecrow, Corbin is an accomplished prankster from a family of pranksters. He loves to play tricks and pull proverbial tails. He claims it’s all in good fun, and generally it is, but he has a love of mostly harmless mischief and chaos. Can’t have people getting too stodgy and stiff. He also has a knack for stealing things, and small items tend to go missing around him, spirited into pockets, later to be hung around his room, which resembles a magpie’s nest. It’s all in good fun, and he’ll happily return any items to the person, but only if they ask.
He does have a temper, but it mostly manifests when someone he likes or cares about is threatened. He believes in an eye for an eye, and anyone who hurts someone he cares about can expect like for like. His family were perfectly fine with murdering his aunt’s abusive husband and while he didn’t participate, he knew. There’s some folks as just need killin' after all. He’s not by nature violent or angry, but when it happens there will be blood to pay.
He’s also from the country, and as such hasn’t been exposed to a lot of variety in humanity. He’s not mean, but he will probably ask stupid questions. He would actually try not to treat anyone badly, no matter how different they were than what he was used to, because he knows what it’s like to hide who you are out of fear that people will react badly. His granny would probably show up just to smack him with her stick if he did. It’s a very thick stick, it hurts.
Action Log Sample: TDM Sample #1
[The last thing Corbin remembers is a lot of pain, like a punch in the gut but worse, and falling and then... nothing. He comes to laying on a rocky floor with a jerk and a start, scrambling to his feet with his hand clutching his dad's rifle so hard the knuckles are white under his freckles. His breath comes quick, his heart still pounding as he tried to figure out what the hell had just happened. Where the hell was he? And more importantly, where were the assholes that had kidnapped his sister and his cousin? He had to find them, even figuring out where the hell he was or how he had gotten here could wait.]
[He shouts, only to have it echo back at him, louder and almost a caw. He listens, but he doesn't hear anything else, no shouts or a struggle. Small she might be, but his sister wouldn't have just let herself get dragged off without a fight.]
Lo! Katie!
[The roof overhead feels too close, but he can't think about that now. He focuses as best he can on listening, on concentrating so he can find the girls, and it helps a bit. The roof doesn’t feel so much like it’s going to come down on his head. Or at least it feels like he can ignore it.]
[He sets off down one of the tunnels, he thinks he can hear a sound down that way, some kind of scraping maybe? Definitely the sound of something moving, and it belatedly occurred to him that shouting would have let those assholes who kidnapped them know where he was. Well, no use crying cause the cows got out, only thing to do now was hope that he could still surprise them.]
[It's probably a good thing he was going slowly down the tunnels, because otherwise he would have run smack into the bereskarn snuffling around the next turn.]

Aw, sheeit.
[The thing is huge, bigger than anything he's ever seen, and he goes completely still, hoping that it hadn't seen him, resisting the urge to change and fly away as fast as his wings would take him. But then he'd have to leave his pa's rifle, and he couldn't do that. Maybe if he was really quiet it wouldn't notice him...]
[He does manage a few slow and careful steps before the bereskarn turns toward him, maybe it heard him, or smelled him, who could really tell. But it rears up on it's back feet and roars loud enough to feel like the cave was shaking.]

[Corbin just turns around and runs at that point, as fast as he can down the tunnel. It's hopefully not far before he barrels right into you, a thin redhead with not so much a dusting of freckles on his face, as he was more freckle than face. He's pale underneath them all the same, stumbling and perhaps even slamming right into you.]
Bear. There's a bear, we gotta go!
[Because the bear is still behind him, and it sounds a bit pissed off]

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